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South African Sheep Shearing Federation – SASSF

The South African Sheep Shearing Federation is the only controlling body of shearing and wool handling sport in the Republic of South Africa. The Federation is also affiliated to the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). The World Records Committee and the Golden Shears World Council

The SASSF is funded by donations and sponsorships. Our membership is free and all trained shearers and wool handlers can enter our championships. Most of our competitors are from rural areas and are very poor and disadvantaged. The SASSF was established to give sheep shearers and wool handlers the opportunity to compete in Regional, Provincial and National Championships as well as with shearers and wool handlers in other countries. This developed from a training program that was started by the NWGA in 1981.

This program vastly improved the quality and ability of our shearers and wool handlers to the point where we can compete on equal footing with other nations. The mission of the SASSF is to co-ordinate, encourage and control the sport of competitive sheep shearing and wool handling throughout the Republic of South Africa and abroad and to provide a National Body for this purpose to which other societies with the same goals may affiliate or take membership, be it on provincial, regional or club level.

Objectives were identified to support the mission, namely:

  • To promote the art and skill of sheep shearing and wool handling as well as further development and exposure abroad and to provide equal opportunities for all participants with no discriminatory practices on the grounds of race, colour, religion, age, sex, creed, HIV status or political convictions.
  • To initiate sheep shearing competitions by member Societies and to organize and co-ordinate the date and places of such competitions.
  • To compile uniform standard rules for sheep shearing and wool handling competitions and the judging thereof.
  • To set national standards for shearing and wool handling; and to amend such set standards at a meeting of the Executive.
  • To approve and maintain a record of an approved panel of judges qualified to judge at regional, national or international level.
  • To act as controlling body for the selection of individual competitors and/or teams of competitors to represent South Africa and to take part in shearing competitions in any part of the world.
  • To assist with arrangements for overseas shearers and wool handlers to visit South Africa for the purpose of competing in shearing and wool handling competitions in South Africa.
  • To affiliate or co-operate with international sheep shearing organizations and nominate delegates to such organizations.
  • To appoint an Executive that will manage the Federation and the finances.
  • To organize competitions and facilities continuously.
  • To manage activities on a self-supporting basis by means of sponsors and exposure for sponsors.
  • To be financially independent and to have an own bank account.
  • To affiliate or to co-operate with or to join or to subscribe to the funds of any Company, Society, Corporation, Body or Organization having similar objectives to the Federation in whole or in part for the purpose of better attaining or otherwise furthering the objectives and interests of the Federation or its members.
  • To make rules or regulations to procure the above objectives.


Mayenzeki Shweni at the 2012 world shearing championships

Congratulations to Mayenzeke Shweni who was crowned NZ Open champion blade shearer on Saturday 3 March at the World Shearing Championships in Masterton, New Zealand. Shweni’s teammate, three-time champion Zweliwile Hans, had finished second in the blade shearing division.

In the World Shearing Championships, they exchanged places with Zwelile winning and Mayenzeke coming in second. See more results for the 2012 World Shearing Championships.

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