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Constitution of The South African Sheep Shearing Federation

1. NAME:  The organization hereby constituted will be called:

South African Sheep Shearing Federation

2. ADDRESS: The registered office of the federation is the:

National Wool Growers’ Association of South African
1st Floor Senwes Building
24 Curie Avenue
Hospital Park

Postal Address:
South African Sheep Shearing Federation
P.O.Box 4520, Bloemfontein, 9300

Addresses shall not be changed except by resolution of the Executive.


The objectives of the Federation are:

  1. To affiliate with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) as the only controlling body of shearing sport in the Republic of South Africa
  2. To co-ordinate, encourage and control the sport of competition sheep shearing and wool handling throughout the Republic of South Africa and/or abroad and to provide a national Body for this purpose to which other Societies with the same goals may affiliate or take up membership be it on provincial, regional or club level.
  3. To promote the art and skill of sheep shearing and wool handling as well as further development and exposure abroad and to provide equal opportunities for all participants with no discriminatory practices on the grounds of race, colour, religion, age, sex, creed, HIV status or political convictions.
  4. To initiate sheep shearing and wool handling competitions by member Societies and to organize and co-ordinate the date and places of such competitions.
  5. To compile uniform standard rules for sheep shearing and wool handling competitions and the judging thereof.
  6. To set national standards for shearing and wool handling and to amend such set standards at a meeting of the Executive.
  7. To approve and maintain a record of an approved panel of judges qualified to judge at either regional, national or international level.
  8. To act as controlling body for the selection of individual competitors and/or teams of competitors to represent South Africa and to take part in shearing and wool handling competitions in any part of the world.
  9. To assist with arrangements for overseas shearers to visit South Africa for the purpose of competing in shearing competitions in South Africa.
  10. To assist in promoting and organizing the wool handling competitions.
  11. To affiliate or co-operate with international sheep shearing organizations and nominate delegates to such organizations.
  12. To appoint an Executive that will manage the Federation and the finances.
  13. To organize competitions and facilities continuously.
  14. To manage activities on a self-supporting basis by means of sponsors and exposure for sponsors.
  15. To be financially independent and to have an own bank account.
  16. To affiliate or to co-operate with or to join or to subscribe to the funds of any Company, Society, Corporation, Body or Organization having similar objectives to the Federation in whole or in part for the purpose of better attaining or otherwise furthering the objectives and interests of the Federation or its members.
  17. To make rules or regulations to procure the above objectives.


Membership shall be open to:

  1. Any regional or provincial society or organization that is involved in the organizing and/or holding of sheep shearing and/or wool handling competitions.
  2. Any organization involved in the training of shearers or the development or funding of shearer related activities. (e.g. Long term sponsors)
  3. Application for membership must be submitted to and be approved by the Executive of the Federation.


  1. Shall consist of a maximum of two members nominated by each province of the R S A where a shearing competition organization or society exists.
  2. Where not more than one regional organization or society exists in a particular province, such organization or society may nominate the members for that province.
  3. Where more than one regional organization or society exists in a particular province, the executive may at its own discretion subdivide such province.
  4. Shearer training and development organizations may nominate a further two members.
  5. A further two members may be nominated to represent the approved panel of judges.
  6. The members of the Executive committee should as far as practical, represent both the sport administrators and the participants.
  7. The Executive will elect a chairperson and vice chairperson from its members for a two year term. They will be eligible for re-election at the end of their term.
  8. Nominations and elections to be conducted by secret ballot.


  1. The Executive will decide on and execute all the business of the federation.
  2. The Executive to assume responsibility for conducting meetings and the business of the Federation in terms of the accepted norms of meeting procedures and good and transparent governance.
  3. Meetings will be held as determined by the Executive. Members will receive notice thereof at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
  4. A special meeting may be called at the discretion of the chairperson or by request of more than 50% of the members of the executive.
  5. More than 50% of the members of the Executive present at a meeting will form a quorum. If less than 50% but more than 30% of members are present, decisions can be taken subject to ratification at the next meeting.
  6. Additional members may be co-opted onto the Executive from time to time by virtue of their specific expertise or involvement in competitions or other activities being organized by the Executive.
  7. The Executive may appoint working committees for specific events with the membership from within and/or outside of the Executive.
  8. The Executive shall appoint and remunerate, if necessary, a person or persons or an organization to perform its secretarial requirements. The Executive may delegate the management of funds earmarked for a specific event to an organizational committee or other organization involved with the staging of that event.
  9. The Executive to appoint an action committee to deal with matters delegated to it between meetings of the full Executive such a committee to consist of at least 5 members.
  10. The Executive will establish the criteria for membership and admit new members and terminate the membership of existing members on just cause shown.


  1. Funds will be collected by means of fees for subscriptions, sponsorships, voluntary contributions, levies, donations and interests on any investment of the Federation. No income or property of the organization may be distributed to the members or office-bearers, except as reasonable compensation for services rendered.
  2.  All funds shall be applied for the purpose of giving effect to the objectives of the Federation in accordance with this constitution.
  3. The Federation’s auditors will prepare duly audited accounts for each financial year ending 28 February.
  4. The Executive will supply financial statements and activity reports to the members within 3 months of the end of the financial year.
  5. The financial statements to be approved and signed by the members present at an Action Committee meeting to be held before 30th June.
  6. The financial statements to be ratified by the following Annual General Meeting to be held at the time of the National Shearing Championships or wherever most appropriate.
  7. Signing powers for cheques and banking arrangements to be vested in the secretary and two members of the action committee to be nominated by the N E C.
  8. Transactions not of a routine nature or in excess of ten thousand rand must have the approval of the chairman or vice chairman.
  9. Legal documents, contracts and property transfer documents to carry the signature of the chairman and if not possible the vice chairman.
  10. Responsibility for transactions and or contracts will vest in the signatories of the relevant document.
  11. Loans to members or other persons or organizations must be approved by the chairman or if not possible the vice chairman and be ratified by the next meeting of the N E C or action committee.
  12. Any surplus at the end of a financial year should be invested at the discretion of the action committee and / or earmarked for utilization at the discretion of the action committee with ratification by the next N E C meeting.
  13. The purchase, sale or acquisition or disposal of any asset shall only take place with the written approval of the majority of the members of the N E C of the action committee.
  14. Income derived from sponsors will be utilized in accordance with the expressed wishes of such sponsors provided that such utilization is not in contravention of the objectives and terms of this constitution.


  1. The governing body of the Federation shall be the National Executive Committee.
  2. The Action Committee shall have the power to negotiate any contract with any outside party, if so decided at a meeting.
  3. The secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of the executive and such minutes are to be signed by the chairperson. The minutes shall be kept at the Federation’s office where they may be inspected by any member at any time during normal business hours.
  4. The Executive shall have all the normal powers and responsibilities of a legal entity including the acquiring and disposal of assets. As such it will have all the rights and responsibilities of a juristic person. MEMBERS OR OFFICE-BEARERS HAVE NO RIGHTS IN THE PROPERTY OR OTHER ASSETS OF THE ORGANIZATION SOLELY BY VIRTUE OF THEIR BEING MEMBERS OR OFFICE-BEARERS


Any complaint made against a paid official of the Federation shall be investigated by the Executive, which may terminate the contract of employment of the official concerned, if it should deem it expedient to do so. Any complaint made against an elected member of the Executive shall be investigated by the other members thereof. The member being investigated, have the right to appeal against any such termination and to present any evidence in support of such an appeal.

If, as a result of such investigation, such other members deem it expedient to do so, they may formulate a recommendation for consideration by the nominating member of the Federation and request a meeting of that body for the purpose of placing such recommendations before it. The meeting shall, having regard to such recommendation, take such resolutions with regard to the complaint as it may consider requisite.

If the problem cannot be solved by this method the Executive may suspend the membership of such a member with a two third majority vote at a properly constituted meeting.


The custody of securities, books, papers and other effects of the Federation shall be the responsibility of the secretary who shall keep the same in a suitable safe in their offices. All documents and financial statements to be kept for at least 5 years.


The rules of the Federation shall not be altered or amended without the approval of those members present and entitled to vote at a meeting of the Executive.


12.1 Any amendment to this constitution must be approved by a two thirds majority of a fully constituted meeting (more than 50% of the members present) of the executive committee. 12.2 Such proposed amendment must be circulated to all members of the executive committee with the agenda for the forthcoming meeting at least 14 days before the meeting. 12.3 Members not present at the meeting may vote by proxy on such proposal.

12.4 No amendments may be made which would have the effect of making the organization cease to exist.



Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with the enforceability of this constitution, or the application and interpretation of the provisions hereof, or any dispute between any members of the SOUTH AFRICAN SHEEP SHEARING FEDERATION or between a member and the NEC of the SOUTH AFRICAN SHEEP SHEARING FEDERATION itself, shall be referred to the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) for resolution through mediation or expedited arbitration in terms of the Rules and Procedures for the Resolution of Disputes in Sport, prevailing at the time such dispute is so referred. In the event of arbitration in terms of the aforementioned, such resolution shall be final and binding on the parties in dispute.

13.2 Clause 13.1 should be included in any agreement that the SOUTH AFRICAN SHEEP SHEARING FEDERATION enters into with any other party.


The Federation may be voluntarily terminated upon a resolution carried by not less than two thirds at a normal or special Executive meeting. In such event, a liquidator shall be appointed who shall be a practicing attorney. The liquidator shall liquidate the Federation by reducing all its assets into cash and paying all claims of the creditors, including costs of liquidation.

Excess funds shall be kept in trust by a body nominated by the Executive until such time as a similar body has been re-established. Should a similar body not be re-established within three year’s time, funds will become the property of the nominated body.


Mayenzeki Shweni at the 2012 world shearing championships

Congratulations to Mayenzeke Shweni who was crowned NZ Open champion blade shearer on Saturday 3 March at the World Shearing Championships in Masterton, New Zealand. Shweni’s teammate, three-time champion Zweliwile Hans, had finished second in the blade shearing division.

In the World Shearing Championships, they exchanged places with Zwelile winning and Mayenzeke coming in second. See more results for the 2012 World Shearing Championships.

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