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Current Sheep Shearing World Records

9 Hour Solo Records
Event Record Date set Place Record Holder
Strongwool Ewes 721 31/01/2007 Mangapehi, Bennydale, New Zealand Rodney Sutton
Strongwool Lambs 866 10/01/2007 Mangapehi, Bennydale, New Zealand Dion King
Merino Ewes 513 5/04/2005 Kojonup, West Australia Dwayne Black
Merino Lambs 664 3/10/2004 Yerramullah Park, Badgingarra, West Australia Dwanye Black
Merino Wethers 418 4/11/1999 Ryton Station, Lake Coleridge, New Zealand Grant Smith
Strong Wool Lambs Women 648 27/11/2007 Waikaretu. New Zealand Emily Welch


8 Hour Solo Records
Event Record Date set Place Record Holder
Strongwool Ewes 603 22/12/2010 Mangapehi, Bennydale, New Zealand Stacy Te Huia
Strongwool Lambs 742 10/01/2011 Mangapehi, Bennydale. New Zealand Cam Ferguson
Merino Ewes 466 22/2/2003 Westindale Station. West Australia Cartwright Terry
Merino Lambs 570 6/10/2002 Yerramullah Park, Badgingarra, West Australia Dwanye Black
Merino Lambs, Blades 245 10/02/06 Victoria West, South Africa Sammuel Juba
Crossbred Lambs 519 22/10/05 Bendgo, Australia Dwayne Black
Merino Wethers 356 20/10/06 Hughenden Queensland Australia Dave Grant
Strong Wool Lambs Women 470 13/01/2009 Mangapehi, Bennydale. New Zealand Ingrid Baynes


9 Hour Multi Stand Records
Event Record Date set Place Record Holders
Strong Wool Lambs 6 Stand 4188 11/01/05 Wairaki Station. New Zealand Darin Forde, Craig Anderson, Jimmy Clark, Alton Devery, Paul Rutherford & Daren Gutsell
Strong Wool Lambs 2 stand 1637 23/12/1999 Rangipo Prison Farm. New Zealand Rodney Sutton & Nigel Brown
Strong Wool Lambs 3 stand 2350 30/01/06 Mt Linton Station. Ohai, New Zealand Shane Harvey, Peter Harvey & Jimmy Clark
Strong Wool Ewes. 2 stand 1335 1/2/1996 Waraki Station Blackmount. New Zealand Darin Forde & Wayne Ingram
Strong Wool Ewes 3 stand 1857 25/1/1993 Clutha Downs Farm Lawrence. New Zealand Ricky Pivac, Chris Brooker & Dion Morrell
Merino Wethers 2 stand. 809 2/11/1994 Omaha Station Twizel. New Zealand Grant Smith & Barry Taylor
8 Hour Multi Stand Records
Event Record Date set Place Record Holders
Merino Wether’s 2 stand Machines 709 20/10/07 Hughenden Show Grounds Queensland Australia Dave Grant & Laurie Bateman
Merino Lambs 2 stand. BLADES 460 10/02/06 Victoria West Agriculture Show. South Africa Sammuel Juba & Bongnui Juba
Merino Ewes 2 stand 924 22/2/2003 Westindale Station Beau River. West Australia Cartwright Terry & Michael Terry
Merino Lambs 3 stand 1208 12/2/2003 Visserdam Farm Tromsburg. South Africa Ken Norman, Charles August & Patrick Mulgase
Merino Lambs 8 stand 2938 2/11/2002 Lynford Farm Quindanning. West Australia Paul Henderson, John Henderson, John Duke, Greg McAtamney, Mark King, Craig King, Andrew Noble-Campbell & Raymond King
Merino Lambs 2 stand 1079 6/10/2002 Yerramullah Park Badgingarra West Australia Dwayne Black & Troy Stansbury
Strong Wool Ewes 2 stand 1066 11/01/2011 Waitara Stn, Hawkes Bay New Zealand Doug & Rowland Smith
Strong Wool Lambs 3 stand 1784 8/1/1999 Te Hape Station Bennydale. New Zealand Digger Blame, Roger Neil & Dean Ball
Strong Wool Lambs 2 stand 1406 16/12/2002 Opepe Station Taupo. New Zealand Justin Bell & Sean Edwards
Women Strong Wool Lambs 903 13/01/2009 Mangapehi Bennydale. New Zealand Ingrid & Marg Baynes

Additional Information on Records

Six Stand, 9 Hour Strong Wool Lambs New Zealand.

WSSRS Referee’s. Lex Jury (convener) John Fagan, Doug Oliver, Colin Gibson, Stuart Weir, Hugh McCarroll, Paul Rose and Don Morrison

Darin Forde, Craig Anderson, Jimmy Clark, Alton Devery, Paul Rutherford and Darren Gutsell shore a combined total of 4188 lambs at Mr Richard Slee’s Wairaki Station property at Blackmount Western Southland, New Zealand.

Shearing a even line of Wairaki Station’s ewe lambs, with a average per head wool weight of 1.34 KGS, Darin’s gang broke the existing record by 997 lambs previously set by Jeff Dorset’s gang at Hautu Prison Farm Turangi New Zealand on the 18/12/91

Considering the cold wet weather prior to this record the lambs were reasonable good shearing, even though there was some light mud in the bellies and back socks. The cold overcast conditions did not deter a good crowd from attending the 5am start, with close to 1000 being in attendance at the conclusion of the record 12 hours later at 5pm

With great support being given in the way of crowd, and with the sponsorship by the rural service industry along with the work put in by the support team headed by Mr Brendon Potae, made this an extremly well run record.

Individual Numbers
Darin Forde – 757
Craig Anderson – 708
Jimmy Clark – 706
Alton Devery – 687
Paul Rutherford – 668
Darren Gutsell – 662

Samuel Juba & Bongani Joel, 2 Stand Blade 8 Hour lamb Record South Africa
10 /02/06

Referee’s: Henry Bothe SA ( convenor ) Tony Abby AU. Doug Oliver NZ.

The two South African Shearers shore 460 Merino Lambs in a 8 Hour day, Samuel Juba 245 and Bongani Joel 215, to set the first ever blade record under the World Sheep Shearing Record Societies Rules.

Samuel Juba’s Tally of 245 gives him the WSSRS Blade 8 HR Merino Lamb Title.

The Records were shorn at the Victoria West Agriculture Show at Karoo, Sth Africa on the10th Feb. The even line of merino lambs were good shearing although they carried some hard material that caused their blades to gap, the quality the shearing was of a high standard.

The record was well run and, well supported by the show crowd on a hot day.

9 Hour Longwool Lamb Record
30th Jan 2006

Referee’s: Don Morrison, NZ. Doug Oliver, NZ. Peter Black, Aus.

Shearing a 3 stand tally of 2350, Jimmy Clark 769, Peter Harvey 777 and Shane Harvey 804 broke the existing record held by, Rodney Sutton, Bart Hadfield and Steve Stony by 417 lambs.

The 9HR Longwool Lamb record was previously held by Bart Hatfield, Steve Stony & Rod Sutton with tally of 1993 shorn at Kowhaninau NZ on the 23/12/1997.

A crowd of of some 4- 500 came to support the shearers during the day under ideal weather conditions. The Record was held at Mt Linton Station Southland New Zealand, shearing a well grown, even line of Romney Texel cross lambs from the same property, with a wool weight 1.3 KGS per head.

This was a very well run Record, with Brendon Potae ( Record Organiser ) and all the support crew giving the WSSRS Referees utmost cooperation and hospitality.

Individual Numbers:
Jimmy Clark – 769
Peter Harvey – 777
Shane Harvey – 804

8 Hour Crossbred Lambs

WSSRS Referee’s. Peter Artridge. Aus. (convener) Ralph Blue. Aus, Hugh McCarroll. NZ

Dwayne Black shore 519 crossbred lambs in 8 HRS to break the existing record held by Trevor Bacon, by 48 lambs, the record took place at the annual Bendgo A & P Show a major rural city in central Victoria Australia, on Saturday the 22nd of Oct 05.

The lambs shorn were supplied by the Minto Pastoral Company under the stewardship of Chris Stoney, the lambs had been weaned early in the week and due to the constant showers had been in and out of the shed for four nights to keep them dry.

With cold showers through out the day the lambs had become very hollow by the end of the record, with 519 being a creditable effort

A 9am start for the 8HR record was granted to the organiser to maximise the publicity through the local TV stations, ABC rural show Land Line and show patrons. The venue was a new and extremely large pavilion with the local shears committees four stand board erected in one corner.

A continual crowd of approximately 300 viewing the record attempt throughout the day.


9 Hour Merino Ewe Record

WSSRS Referee’s Hendrik Botha. South Africa, Bernie Walker. Aus. Stuart Weir. NZ.

On Tuesday the 5th of April 2005, Dwayne Black shearing 513, broke Dion Morrell’s 9HR Merino ewe record by 6.

The record took place at Nick and Jane Trethowan’s property, 15 KMS South East of Kojonup, Western Australia.Dwayne had made an attempt on the same record 10 days earlier but abandoned the attempt at lunch time when he got to far behind the required hourly rate required to brake the record.

With a week of unseasonable cold weather in which 8.1/2 inch’s of rain fell on Konjonup District made this attempt difficult to prepare for as the shearing condition of the sheep was uncertain.

Dwayne’s physical fitness and mental attitude saw him overcome the problems the weather of the previous 10 days caused and went on to brake Dion’s existing record with 7 minutes remaining of the nine hour day. Dwayne now holds four WSSRS Records.

9 Hour Merino Lambs Record

WSSRS Referee’s: Hugh McCarroll. NZ. Tony Abby. Aus. Gary Gilmore. Aus

Shearing 664 Merino lambs in a 9 Hr day Dwayne Black adds another WSSRS Record to his name. Shearing at Dick and Aubry Panazza’s Yerramullah Park property, at Badgingarra West Australia on a day when conditions appeared perfect. but turned out tougher than expected.

The day which was sunny and warm gave rise to expectations that the lambs would shear better and better as the day progressed, how ever dusty conditions required frequent cutter changes.

Dwayne received an official warning (see Record Rule’s. Workmanship 11:6 a. & 11:7) after the first countout for to much wool left on. To his credit he responded and shore to the limit of his ability for a tally of 664. The same tally as his second Edsel Forde achieved on strongwool ewes in 1992 which gave Dwayne and his father Peter a great deal off satisfaction

A comment from the board referees was that the number of well intentioned people surrounding Dwayne during the attempt may have been some what oppressive. The monitoring results of Dwayne’s inputs and outputs during the day by Dave Bishop from a University in Perth will be looked forward to with interest.

The Referee’s appreciate the opportunity to referee this successful 9 hour Merino lamb record and thank Dwayne Black and his support team for their co-operation and hospitality while in Badgingarra W.A.

9 Hour Strongwool Lamb Record

WSSRS Referee’s. Mark Baldwin Aus (convenor). Lex Jury NZ .Colin Gibson NZ.

Justin Bell shore 851 lambs to break the existing 9 HR strong wool lamb World Record held by Rodney Sutton by 12 lambs. The record was held at the Onuku Maori Trust farm woolshed at Rerewahakaaitu a small rural community 30 kilometres south of Rotorua.

Justin didn’t have the best of starts, although he shore 193 in the 2hr run before breakfast he did receive a official warning (see rules 11:6 & 11:7) for finished job quality. In the 1hr45 min post breakfast runs the finished job improved, and with tally’s of 168. 168.164 & 158 credited to his tally Justin past the existing World Record with 7 minutes still remaining before the end of the 9 hour day, as with all World shearing records, this was a marathon effort, both physically and mentally.

Justin must be congratulated for his effort which now gives him 3 WSSRS Titles to his name The WSSRS Referees would like to thank Justin and his support crew for co-operation and hospitality during the record.


Mayenzeki Shweni at the 2012 world shearing championships

Congratulations to Mayenzeke Shweni who was crowned NZ Open champion blade shearer on Saturday 3 March at the World Shearing Championships in Masterton, New Zealand. Shweni’s teammate, three-time champion Zweliwile Hans, had finished second in the blade shearing division.

In the World Shearing Championships, they exchanged places with Zwelile winning and Mayenzeke coming in second. See more results for the 2012 World Shearing Championships.

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