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Current South African Sheep Shearing Records

In 2003 three SA machine shearers set a world three-stand merino lamb record when they shore 1208 merino lambs in eight hours. At the attempt:1. K Norman shore 456 lambs – 2. C August shore 377 lambs – 3.P Magase shore 375 lambs

In 2006 two SA blade shearers set a world two-stand merino lamb blade shearing record when they shore 460 merino lambs in eight hours. At the attempt 1. S Juba shore 245 lambs – 2. B Joel shore 215 lambs

Juba is also the individual world merino lamb blade shearing record holder with the 245 lambs that he shore on that day.

Previous South African Sheep Shearing Championship Winners

Machine Shearers Organisation Blade Shearers Organisation
1983 J Sovendla BKB Z Galawe BKB
1984 S Qobotoane BKB M Klaas Murraysburg
1985 K Malgas Trompsburg M Klaas Murraysburg
1986 K Malgas Trompsburg Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1987 Sam Phendo BKB Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1988 Sam Phendo BKB Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1989 Peter Memani Betal S Stoffels Murraysburg
1990 Mark Conlan Australia Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1991 Sam Phendo BKB Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1992 Sam Phendo BKB Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1993 Mike Henderson Australia Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1994 Peter Lyon New Zealand Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1995 Charles August BKB Oneboy Naunau BKB
1996 Kevin Walsh New Zealand Elliot Ntsombo BKB
1997 Murray Christie New Zealand Zweliwele Hans Frankfort
1998 Michelle Harrex New Zealand Zweliwele Hans Frankfort
1999 Charles August CMW Elliot Ntsombo Frankfort
2000 Matthew Philipson Australia Zweliwele Hans Frankfort
2001 Charles August CMW Zweliwele Hans Frankfort
2002 Patrick Magase Zweliwele Hans
2003 Kenneth Norman Zweliwele Hans
2004 Alfred Nkomane Zweliwele Hans
2005 Kenneth Norman Zweliwele Hans
2006 Elly Nohale Bangani Joel
2008 Abel Notsi Zweliwele Hans
2009 Jan Kobesa Bangani Joel
2010 Jan Kobesa Bangani Joel
2011 Bangani (Dawid) August Smithfield Shearing Services P. Notu CMW


Mayenzeki Shweni at the 2012 world shearing championships

Congratulations to Mayenzeke Shweni who was crowned NZ Open champion blade shearer on Saturday 3 March at the World Shearing Championships in Masterton, New Zealand. Shweni’s teammate, three-time champion Zweliwile Hans, had finished second in the blade shearing division.

In the World Shearing Championships, they exchanged places with Zwelile winning and Mayenzeke coming in second. See more results for the 2012 World Shearing Championships.

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